Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

Well we had a wonderful Christmas. The girls got way more than they needed, but oh well. Mackenzie has been rockin out with her Barbie Jammin guitar. It plays songs (although we never seem to get passed Girls Just Wanna Have Fun), and even has a whammy bar. She is diggin it. She also got a dollhouse and a camera. She and Maggie got the Rose Petal Dream Cottage and the Market. So, they have had sooo much fun with that. Maggie is obsessed with dogs, so needless to say she received alot of dogs. But that's ok she loves them. We had a wonderful day with our family. The next big thing is maybe planning a trip to Disney in a couple of months. As anyone with a little girl knows, Princesses are it right now. So I think it will be a perfect time for the girls to go. We will be in full swing with our "lessons" as Mackenzie calls them. We are learning letters and counting and all that fun stuff. She loves it and asks several times a day "when are we gonna do our lessons"? The thing is that we usually do them when Maggie is asleep, so now she keeps telling me I need to put Maggie to bed- even at 8am! Poor Mags!


The Eppers said...

So glad you guys had a great Christmas. It is awesome that Makenzie is so into the "lessons" wonderful job, as always, Mom and Dad! I hope the trip to Disney works out for you guys, the girls will love it!

msbentley said...

I am thinking those sweet girls of yours need a real dog. What do you say mom?!?