Friday, February 11, 2011

Beauty Tip- Tend Skin

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today for beauty secrets. I have a couple to share with you.

#1- I have had a long standing issue with sensitive skin! My doctor recommended TendSkin a couple of years ago for blemishes, bumps, and ingrown hair. But when I looked at the price- WOW!! $30+ for a small bottle. So I started doing some research and found a recipe for making my own TendSkin. It is super easy, makes a bunch, and I use it on blemishes and bikini area too.

Solution 1:
18 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed
5 oz rubbing alcohol

Solution 2:
8 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed
2.5 oz witch hazel

Combine the two solutions, the aspirin will settle a bit, so shake it before you apply.

It really does work, and it is much cheaper than the name brand. I think I paid $5total for all ingredients and bottle. Good deal!!

Side note: I found that I had to use it a couple times a day at first to get the results I needed, and it is a bit drying to the skin, so just play around with it to see what works best for you.

#2- WEN!!! I saw this on QVC and was totally sucked in! I have been trying to go with more natural products for my skin and hair. I actually stopped using shampoo and use a shampoo bar (looks just like a bar of soap). I got mine at Chagrin Valley Soaps. But it is a bit drying to my hair so I was looking for a good conditioner. I have thick, curly hair. I found WEN and ordered it. Again, it is very pricey, so I didn't know how I could afford it. Lo and behold, I was in Sally Beauty Supply one day and I found their version of it, called Hair One. This stuff is great! I also only shampoo my hair every 2-3 days and use a dry shampoo.

Also, I use MagiX from Avon as a primer and LOVE IT!! It makes my makeup stay on all day and I have oily prone skin!! It is Wonderful!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

What do we eat?

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today (a first for me)!!

We have one great eater in our house, and one not so great eater. It can get to be challenging. Right now my husband and I are really trying to eat healthier too, so I guess everyone but Mackenzie is a challenge! HAHA.

WE do not drink cow's milk anymore, we probably haven't in 2 yrs I guess. We drink Almond milk, and so far we all really like it. Prefer over soy or rice milk.

shredded wheat cereal
pancakes with flaxseed

egg salad/tuna salad sandwiches
Cheetos natural puffs
block cheese (I have stopped buying processed cheese)
PB or Almond Butter sandwiches
fruit and/or veggie plate
chicken nuggets (I am trying to get away from these)
Mac and Cheese (ditto above)

pizza ( we are going to start making our own)
spaghetti casserole (add tomatoes, flaxseed)
rice and steamed veggies
WE do alot of casseroles

choc covered plums and pomegranates
Cliff Bar (occasional)
cashews, almonds

Would love to hear what you feed your family!

I've been a bad blogger

Well, once again, I have been a really bad blogger. I am so guilty of reading other people's blogs regularly, but I have neglected my own. I have no good excuses. I thought I might share an update on our family.

Mackenzie is 5 1/2!! She is in Pre-k and loves it! I have watched her blossom this year. She loves her school, teacher, and her friends. She has also started Scottish Highland Dancing. She has been doing that since August. I am really proud of her. It is quite difficult to learn, but she really loves doing it. She has had two performances so far. Maggie even gets to sit in on class until she turns 4 and is able to start taking lessons. Mackenzie loves to ride her bike and dress up. She also loves to do anything crafty!

Maggie is now 3 1/2. She also goes to Mother's Day out twice a week, although she is not as enthused as Mackenzie is about going to school. She is spunky and loves her big sister.

Dewayne has been super busy working. Although it may not seem like it to him, it is a blessing to have alot of work right now. You can check out his work at Quest Systems

I am still plugging away at home. I stay busy though. I am going to try and focus more this year on Tilly Bird Designs

I am really gonna try and do better with this! :)