Monday, May 10, 2010

This week's wrap-up

Hi All!
This past week has been crazy. Nashville experienced a horrible flood, I have never seen anything like it at all. We were so lucky to have had no damage (other than a small roof leak). But so many have lost everything. Yesterday the girls and I took baskets of food and cleaning supplies, along with cases of water to random houses in our area. It was really good for the girls to get to do that. Mackenzie really understood what was happening, and she really wanted to help. She even said she would give away some of her stuffed animals to kids that lost theirs. I was so proud of her. It made for a great Mother's Day. My sweet husband spent several hours on Saturday trying to find me the Garmin Forerunner 305. But everywhere he went had sold out of it. It made me feel so good that he tried so hard to do that for me, so hopefully in a few more weeks I can get one.

Throughout the week we had beautiful weather, so every day I took the girls out in the double stroller and we went for a 4 mile walk/run. I intended it to always be a run, but pushing 60 pounds of kids then whatever the stroller weighs gets a little tiring. And my stroller is not a jogging stroller, so it doesn't handle the best. And then there are at least 2 MAJOR hills to climb, so I get pretty worn out. But all in all I did pretty good. I am hoping to get a jogging stroller soon.

I have a 5k to run on Saturday, so I am hoping to improve my time on that. I also have a goal of running 100 miles in May.

I have not been so great at my eating this week. I tend to splurge after weigh-in on Saturday. It is now Monday afternoon, and I haven't really stopped! Yikes! I have done Weight Watchers so much that I feel like I know how to cheat. I need some more strict guidelines right now. I am still going to meetings and will finish out my pre-paid sessions through June, but maybe will try calorie counting for a while. I am working out like crazy but only losing about a pound a week. I am not complaining, but I know I can do better. Any thoughts?

I'll leave you with a picture of me and the girls before one of our runs this week