Wednesday, January 28, 2009

random things about me

1. I was a vocal performance major in college, before changing to social work
.2. I once stuck my fingers in an elecrtic mixer to see what would happen
3.I have sung on the Grand Ole Opry
4. I am really not a good cook, but I really wish I was
5. I have 3 tatoos and am really considering more
6. I worked at he YMCA while I was in high school, I was a summer camp counselor
7. I was born in England, but don't have dual citizenship because my parents didn't want me to. I really wish I did because that would be cool now!
8. I re-arrange my kitchen (Drawers, etc) about 4 times a year, but always go back to how it was to begin with!
9. When I die I really want chicken McNuggets served at my funeral, with sweet and sour sauce
10. I would rather eat at Chick-fil-A than a nice restaraunt.
11. I vaccuum my house at least every other day!
12. I buy way too many clothes for my kids, guess something form my childhood is playing out in that!
13. I am very shy around new people, I try not to show it though.
14. I am terrified of speaking in public.
15. I hate to unload the dishwasher and put away laundry.
16. I do not miss working at all!!!!
17. I always have some kind of list going- baby names, goals, grocery, whatever. I really enjoy lists.
18. I have no desire to go to Vegas, Egypt, or China.
19. I wish I had better skin- tan and blemish free
20. I try to grow my hair out at least 2 times a year but always cut it
21. I am really bad at math, stems from multiplication tables in the 4th grade.
22. Moustaches kinda freak me out
23. I am fascinated by Amish people and people who are in religiuos cults.
24. I hate to drive with a coat on.
25.I do not like to leave my house messy when I have to go somewhere, I like coming in to a tidy house.
26. I knew after 2 weeks of dating my husband I would marry him.
27. My husband and I used to go out dancing- alot!! We could cut a rug.
28. I am a big BonJovi fan.
29. I've seen Cher in concert, really one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Also saw Barry Manilow, pretty good too.
30. I listen to talk radio, even though I used to make fun of my dad for it!
31. I would like to teach voice lessons.
32. I hate my ears being touched, and I do not like people getting to close to my face.
33. I really like the phrase "hot mess", it's my new slogan- as in "wow, she looks like a hot mess"
34. I love my husband, adore my kids, and think that I have a really great life!!!!!!

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The Eppers said...

Oh my, I SO enjoyed reading this. I thought of several clever comments but sadly, cannot remember them without looking at the post. But, there were so many new things I learned about you just then and I love that. Also, I really enjoyed the hand in mixer thing...need more elaboration on that one, lol! Also, you should teach voice lessons, you are good at it. I thought of you on Thursday because I sang at my uncle's funeral and I remembered to breathe deep and I said a little thank you to God for you! Miss you!