Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustration (Take the good with the bad)

So , a few blogs back I talked about the difficulty we were having with Mackenzie and sleep. Well, good news is that she seems to be over that! Praise the Lord! Alot of tears and prayer have gone into that. Bad news, round two with little sister Maggie! Out of nowhere she has decided that she wants to put up a fight at bedtime, didn't see that one coming. So here we are again with the tears and prayers. I know that to some it may seem silly to petition God for help on this, but that's what I know works. Not much else. I have read my fair share of how to's and believe me, tried them all. I am frustrated because it seems there is always something! I hate to hear my girls cry, I hate to see them be so stubborn (although if they use those powers for good one day, watch out)!!!! I ask you to say a little prayer for us. Several nights with sporadic sleep and tears wears on you. But as the saying goes, "this too shall pass, just in time for the next problem." I am thinking of painting a sign with that on it and hanging it in my house, just to remind me!

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The Eppers said...

So sorry to hear that the girls seem to take turns choosing not to sleep. I like the idea of the sign, we should all have one like it. Sounds like a business opportunity, lol!