Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why people hate the IRS (and don't want to pay taxes)

As a small (very small) business owner we have invited the IRS into our lives a little more than I would like. Yes, she lives with us and is a part of my regular thinking. I think about her every time we get paid from a customer, every time we pay ourselves, and yes, every time those quarterly taxes are due. I actually think "I wonder how much we are really gonna get out of this"? I am not much of a mathematician, so the statistics here are not gonna be accurate- I'll guess 25-30%, but let me tell you we pay ALOT in taxes. It is utterly ridiculous!! Oh, and they never tell you when you are supposed to file a different form than the one you've filed for the past year either!!!! Why, that would make too much sense. So I called the IRS today for a simple question, you know one that has no personal information attached to it. And guess what?? They would not even tell me what form I need to file because I am not the actually business owner! WHAT??? How do you expect people to give you their money??? I had a brief moment where I was not my usual nice and polite self to the lady on the other end, as I hung up on her. I am guessing there is a little red flag now attached to our file. I mean for real, just tell me what form a person would usually file for this particular tax... is that classified information?? Does that breach national security? Oh, and I don't really buy your on hold lady saying "your call is important to us" (stay on the line for 30 minutes so we can just make you mad and wonder for the rest of the day why you even bothered calling in the first place). I don't really feel like my call is that important to you, not as important as it is to me lady!!!

I now understand why people find ways around the IRS. You people make all the rules, but you can't tell us what they are. You are like the Wizard of OZ, mysterious and all.

I am not hopeful either about the direction we might go in as a nation. Why do 80% of the people that create jobs and income have to bear the brunt? Don't we do enough already? What more do you want from us Mr. Obama?? Do you want our first born too? Seroiusly, I wish people would educate themselves and really understand that government is WASTING our money (and alot of other things). Really, what are they doing with it? Enough for today.....

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Ashley said...

That sounds soo frustrating. We usually have a hard time with taxes too b/c we raise our support and all the red tape that goes with that!