Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As I am writing this I am on hold for 48 minutes now!!! ( By now I am committed and am gonna wait it out until someone answers). Why you ask?? Well, I have spent the better part of two days now calling numerous Internet sites asking them to refund money that was charged to our bank account!! I am not happy. Let me just break this down for you:

  • We had about 12-15 charges ranging from $1-$60- all for products we did not purchase!!!
  • The worst of it was an "adult entertainment site" - and JOSEPH R. CURLE if you really exist I am going to find you!!!!!!! That was the name on the account (thanks to the customer service rep for telling me that). And he used someone else's phone #, whom I called and bless him he has been getting phone calls regarding this same person. JOSEPH your days are numbered because I will hunt you down. I AM ON A MISSION!!!!
  • We have had products shipped to our home, and the business had our name and address
  • Many of these were free trials that then lead in to monthly subscriptions
  • And if you even think about ACAI BERRY- they are the wort (hence the 48 minute hold time) they are the worst- Google complaints on GNS Vitamins. I am not the only one that has had this problem.

Please be careful with your information. There are many people out there that are waiting to steal from you.

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