Monday, March 23, 2009


Well we had a wonderful time at Disney World!!! We were only there for 3 full days and still didn't do all we wanted to. The girls had a wonderful time. Mackenzie was most impressed with the castle, she wanted to see that over and over. Maggie just kept saying "oooh da Mouse". We watched the "castle show" about 50 times and the parade 2 times. The girls were amazed. Mackenzie was impressed with Its a small world, Dumbo, and the teacups. But not so much with Peter Pan's Flight- she did not dig the alligator, which by the way she is still talking about!

The only downside was that these kids were wired at bedtime!!! They did have some difficulty winding down at the usual time, but did great all in all.

The best thing is that a couple of days after we got home, Mackenzie woke up one morning and said to me, "Mommy, I just had a dream come true, just like a real princess." (This is probably due in part to everyone at Disney saying "Have a magical day" or "May your dreams come true" or the song that is still in my head from the parade..."blah blah the time of your life, blah blah, celebrate you....")

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Valerie said...

I can totally sing last year's parade theme song--and the songs from the castle show. Sad. Glad you had fun. Let's get together so I can hear all about it and you can make my girls some of those fabulous shirts!