Monday, January 11, 2010

School Day #1

So, we accomplished school today with relatively few problems. YEAH!!! I did plan everything and prepare it last night so I was ready to go this morning. We started at about 9:45, after chores around the house were done. The biggest problem we had was Mags! Bless her, she just couldn't stay still and wanted to do the opposite of everything I was doing, so after about 10 minutes she was moved to the TV to watch The Letter Factory dvd, which she loves. So it worked out well, Mackenzie and I finished up. So, here is a breakdown of our lessons for today.

1. Prayer and devotion: We had a quick prayer to ask the Lord to be with us today, to help our hearts and minds be ready to learn. I also read a quick devotion from The Princess In Me Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh. We are at the beginning so we discussed creation.
2. Pledge of Allegiance: I really need to get a flad, but for today we had a cutout of the flag. It was so cute to hear the girls recite after me, plus we worked on right/left too!
3. BINGO: We played a game of BINGO with letters, shapes, and numbers. It came out of a book that my mom got me for preschoolers. It was great because Mackenzie really got the concept and she was helping Maggie with her card. Maggie on the other hand did great the first round, she really matched her images well. But, after that, everything I called she kept saying "I WIN!!!"
4. Bible Story: I read from a book that I had as a child, The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth Taylor. Then I read more out of Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers: Jesus is My Friend . The lesson we are focusing on this week is My Friend Jesus calls helpers. I read the story and then asked Mack questions about what I read. We also started to memorize the scripture, "Follow ME, " Jesus said. (Mark 1:17). There was a counting chart with the disciples and also a coloring page.
5. Daily Binder: This consists of several pages that we will review every day: calendar, abc/sounds, numbers, clock, map of the US, currency, sight words, cursive letters.

6. Lunch: I made a lunch following the idea from Muffin Tin Monday, although I did not follow their theme, I went with a fish theme. We had goldfish, fish shaped pb&j sandwich, fish shaped cheese, and Nemo gummies. And, I forgot to take a picture!! :( But this went along with our bible story and we talked about it over lunch.
7. Snowman: We made a snowman out of 2 paper plates

8. Scotland: We started a lesson on Scotland Robert Burns. Mackenzie drew a thistle and made her own kilt. We will be doing lots more on this over the next couple of weeks leading up to Burns Day on January 25.

All in all we had a great day! Here are some pictures of how I set up our school space. We don't have lot of room, but it works for now- until we can finish out the basement.
The Girl's area- holds supplies and the daily items we use

My are- my supplies, books, etc.

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