Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Been a while..

Yes, I know it has been too long!! But, I am back and really have no great things to share with you!! :) Maggie is binky free!!! It was a tough couple of days, but we all made it through! I cut a hole in the top of and told her it was broken, and she sat on her bed and looked so pitiful! She just kept saying, "Daddy fix it". I felt horrible, but also knew that at 2 and a half, it was time to say goodbye for good.

The girls are now sharing a room at night! About a month or so ago, Mackenzie announced she wanted to sleep in Maggie's room. I really didn't think it would last more than 10 minutes, but guess what? I was wrong. The girls now both have little beds in Maggie's room, and Mackenzie still has her old room! So, we'll see how long this goes on for and maybe in a couple years they will get a bunk bed!

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