Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Long Goodbye

Yes I know, it is past time for Maggie to be rid of her faithful companion. I am talking of her beloved "BB", otherwise known as the paci. She really has a deep fondness for her BB. I hate to do it to her, but the time has come to sever this relationship. We have lost one of the last holdouts in the BB war. You know, you keep losing the things in the car, behind the couch, in the washer, whatever. I came to the point today, long overdue I know, that I just didn't care enough to look for it anymore. I cringe when I see 3 or 4 year olds with them, I sure can't imagine my child like that. BUt, somehow though I think given the opportunity Maggie might just hold on to it by Kindergarten! Time to take charge.

I fully anticipated a major meltdown at naptime, "I need my BB"!!!!!

What?? No screaming, no tears?? She just went to sleep. What?????

Maybe the BB isn't as important as I thought. Now, the "B" (blanket) on the other hand....

This blanket could probably cover a twin size bed, and bless her, Maggie drags that thing everywhere!!!! I have to set out on a covert operation just to get the thing in the wash! I guess as long as we have "B" everything else is ok.

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