Saturday, June 6, 2009

They are growing up

Well, I think it's official. My girls are growing up!! This week marked entry into the world of Mother's Day Out for Mags. I have to be honest, I was probably more nervous than anyone else over it. Mackenzie started attending once a week back in October and did great!! Those of you who know her know that she has a bit of an issue with new situations. You know, the kind where she hangs on to your leg like a cat and screams your name so loud people in the next county can hear it. So this has been wonderful for her. She had a wonderful teacher whom she adored and made some friends. I thought that Maggie would love it too. Every time we'd drop Mackenzie off last year Maggie would just cry because she wanted to stay and play too. So, on the first day, I have to admit I was really doubting my decision. I started thinking maybe she was too young, maybe she'll miss me too much, will she take a nap ok, and on and on. Well, after a few tears, apparently she did splendidly!! She had a great day and was very happy. All my fears were in vain. (Ummm, she could have missed me a little more than 2 minutes!! HAHA!) Although I did not admit to anyone at the time, I did have a bit of a hard time with it, maybe because she will be 2 in a couple of weeks, and she's getting so big! But all in all I am so happy that both girls have a day of fun to themselves, and so do I. I have great plans for my day off- cleaning the basement!! Maybe not as fun as snacks, nap time, and crafts though!

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